The Biggest Winnings in the History of Online Casinos And Offline Casinos

The Biggest Winnings in the History of Online Casinos And Offline Casinos

The world of gambling is very tricky. It offers unique payouts for lucky gamblers. Sometimes, on contrary, people can lose a fortune playing online. It all depends on a personal luck as well on analytical abilities of a player.

Online casinos is a risky business. But if a person wins, the prize can be really big.

When the Risk is Worth It

Gambling is known as early as from the beginning of 17th century. It was not present that days online, of course. Though, it took a little. Soon the prizes at online casinos became bigger that at real ones. Here are some examples:

  1. The history knows first big casino victory which took place in 1892. The young man called Charlie Wells won the enormous prize equal to one million dollars. It took him half a day of hard roulette gaming. But he did it. Back in 1892 one million dollars was a very considerable amount of money.
  2. The second big victory happened some time later. Mike Ashley won 1.6 million dollars. He was a risky gambler. Shortly after his victory, he lost one million, playing for the second time for big money.
  3. The third case is quite a particular for gambling. The player, Elven Shervan won two big prizes. The first prize equaled to five million dollars. It happened in the late XXth century. Soon the gambler doubled his fortune. In 2005 he won 21 million dollars in Volcano online casino. That is a very successful case.
  4. In 2013 the player from Finland won one of the greatest winnings in the history of online gambling. 17.8 million euro was the sum of his prize.
  5. Georgian player in 2009 won quite an attractive sum of money. He won 8.6 million dollars.

This list can be extended. It shows that real winnings are possible eve if you play online.

Why People Are Afraid of Playing Online

Very often people perceive playing online as a risky and illegal practice. Such prejudices do not let them to engage into online gambling.

Such myth arose because of several reasons:

  • For a very long time gambling, in real casino houses particularly, was prohibited. It took quite a considerable time for governments to develop licensing for this business.
  • For a long gambling was played by risky people with bad reputation. These were big speculators, traders. Charlie Wells represents such gamblers.

So, such practices formed in the human perception negative understanding of gambling.

You can win in gambling. But it is important to remember, you have to learn to play moderately. Successful people did not gain their money easily.

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