Why Baccarat Is Better Than Any Other Casino Card Game

Why Baccarat Is Better Than Any Other Casino Card Game

You cannot call yourself a fan of card games if you have never played Baccarat. This variation is recommended even for those who stick to an old tradition of playing poker on Friday evenings only. Baccarat is that kind of a game that may seem to be confusing at first, but is actually one of the simplest and most interesting casino card games ever. It is also one of the best options for beginner players because of the absence of the complex advanced strategies.

So, let’s look closer at one of the oldest and simplest games in the casino industry – the Baccarat.

A Brief Guide to Baccarat

There are different versions of Baccarat adopted by different casinos through the years. But it is not as difficult as most people think. Despite the fact that three different casinos may have three different versions of Baccarat, the rules remain the same in general.

What made this game so popular and attractive for many players is the fact that James Bond character played it in some of his movies. Since then, the game is associated with elegance and high social position. That is the main reason why so many casinos have adopted and promoted it heavily. Baccarat attracts a higher number of VIP guests to any gaming place. Most casinos offer Baccarat tables for eight people only, while some of them have bigger tables for up to 14 people playing at once.

So, what are the main rules and secrets to playing Baccarat?

How to Play & Win

  • Most of the cards have the value stated on them. The only exceptions are 10, Jack, Queen, and King. All of them have the value of 0.
  • The aim is to get to 9 as close as possible.
  • The second strongest hand in the game is natural eight formed from 10 and 8 value cards.
  • The player decides where he/she wants to bet – the banker, the player, or a tie bet.
  • The cards are brought out. One part is for the banker and another one is for the player.
  • Then, the values of the cards are added together. A third card can be drawn. But this is decided by the main rules only.

Baccarat has always had the reputation of the game for the richest gamblers. And that fact has scared the beginners from trying something else besides poker, red-dog, and blackjack. But in practice, this is one of those games, which are highly recommended for the beginners as a starting point in the casino as entertainment. When you gamble in a casino for the first time, you have to play the games which have the lowest house edge in order to have higher chances to win. In this case, Baccarat is a perfect entertainment for a non-professional gambler. So, if you are a beginner or an average player, consider using this advice, too. Play the game and feel yourself like a hero in the next James Bond movie.

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